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Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis is an award-winning  stage director and producer who has created and directed award-winning films and plays. She has worked with numerous theatres companies such as Pigeon Productions, Hannah Blake-Goodes & Co., and Theatre-Q.

Growing up in London, she developed  passion for both classical, as well modern theatre and it has become her life’s work to integrate her love of both into her craft.

Approaching theatre from these opposite disciplines, she realised that text and movement, tragedy and entertainment, tears and laughter should not be kept apart. She directs, makes and writes theatre, film, music, stories and performance… anything which brings them together.

Recent Projects


Michelle and I have collaborated for years, and she is one of best theatre producers I've had the pleasure of working with. Her attention to detail and commitment to putting on a great show have made every project we've worked on together a joy!

Susan Carr

Director, Royal Shakespeare Society

Michelle was a delight to work with on our production of Far Away. As a Stage Manager, her impeccable organizational skills made the production run smoothly from rehearsals through to closing night. I'd recommend Michelle to anybody wanting a top-notch stage manager!

Athena Hettich

Producer, Anything Goes

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